Chrome100 Recovery Image Guide


Chrome OS recovery images come in a .zip file.
You will need:

  1. USB drive with at least 8 GB of storage
  2. Chromebook Recovery Utility / DD (*NIX)

Downloading a recovery image

  1. Go to the list of recovery images
  2. Scroll or use CTRL + F to find your board name
  3. Click on "See more"
  4. Click on any of the "Download" links

Finding the right recovery image

Recovery images are built for individual Chromebook boards. In order to download the appropriate recovery image, you will need to find your Chromebook's board name.
To find your board name, visit the (built-in) website chrome://version and find the "Platform:" row.

It should look something like:

The word (in bold) after "stable-channel" is your board name. For example, the board name of the Chromebook in the following image would be "reks".

Chrome OS reks version page

Burning the zip file file to a USB with DD (unix)

  1. Extract the recovery image from your downloaded zip.
$ unzip ./
  inflating: chromeos_8530.93.0_x86-mario_recovery_stable-channel_mario-mp-v3.bin # this is the filename of the raw recovery image
  1. Plug in your USB.
  2. Find your USB's block device.

Run fdisk (may require root privillages depending on your udev rules.)

$ fdisk -l

Look through the Disk /dev/sdX: lines until you find a disk that matches the size of your USB or contains familiar paritions. Usually the block device will start with /dev/sd, for example mine will be /dev/sdb. The last letter is the ID of the block device.

  1. Write the recovery image using DD (may require root privillages depending on your udev rules)
⚠️ DD is a destructive command and can erase your files when used on the wrong drive.
$ dd bs=4194304 of=/dev/sdX if=PATH_TO_RECOVERY_IMAGE.bin conv=sync status=progress

The complete command will look like:

$ dd bs=4194304 of=/dev/sdb if=~/Downloads/chromeos_8530.93.0_x86-mario_recovery_stable-channel_mario-mp-v3.bin conv=sync status=progress

Burning the zip file file to a USB Chromebook Recovery Utility

  1. Open the Chromebook Recovery Utility
  2. Click on the gears button in the top right of the window and select "Use local image"
  3. Navigate to the .zip recovery image you downloaded.
  4. Select your USB drive as prompted by the window.
  5. Select create now.

Restoring Chrome OS from a USB drive

  1. Press ESC + + to enter the recovery menu.
  2. Plug in your USB drive you previously burnt a recovery image to.
  3. Press enter once the menu is done verifying your USB drive.
  4. Once finished, unplug your USB drive.