Chrome100 Information

What is Chrome100?

Chrome100 is a directory of recovery images for Google's operating system Chrome OS.

Why are you collecting thousands of Chrome OS builds!?

Chrome OS recovery images are a necessity for any IT admins or a Chrome OS hobbyist. Chrome OS recovery images can be used to repair broken installs of Chrome OS, bypassing being pinned to an outdated version of Chrome OS, or more desirably: downgrading to an earlier version of Chrome OS.

Why downgrade?

Downgrading Chrome OS may be done in order to continue using a deleted feature, patched bug, or to avoid a new feature. This opens the door to many patched CVEs and exploits being used, despite being patched in newer versions of Chrome OS.

Will these recovery images work on my managed Chromebook?

Yes. Although your IT admin may notice you're on an earlier version of Chrome OS (which often goes unnoticed).

Where do I get started?

See the guide.